This project with Oslo University Hospital explored how speculative service design could provoke reflection on the logics underpinning mental healthcare services today. 

We worked with Dikemark Psychiatric Hospital to address challenges with discharging and re-integrating psychosis patients into the community after treatment.

Nominated for the AHO Works prize for Service Design (classwide)
Nominated for the AHO Works prize for Strategic Use of Design (classwide)
With: Lily Comlan, Marieliz Morales Vega, Hala Barzan
For: Dikemark Psychiatric Hospital
Illustrations: Marieliz Morales Vega
Fabrication: Lily Comlan, Marieliz Morales Vega
Photographs: Marieliz Morales Vega, Hala Barzan, Enrique Encinas
Service Design
Speculative Design
A modified game of ping pong designed for Dikemark’s employees helped contextualize the present state of mental healthcare and lay bare different understandings of “flexibility” in caring for psychosis patients.

An immersive experience in an unused section of Dikemark Hospital brought an alternate world to life: one where psychosis patients in need of support could walk into their local public library to get help. In locating future psychosis support in public libraries, we raise questions around the social acceptance of severe mental illness, the role all public services play in supporting these patients, and ask whose responsibility it is to care for each other’s mental health more broadly.