Four different social enterprises and nonprofits in Asker were creating a joint response to Asker Municipality’s call for new services to support youth facing social exclusion.

Meike and I helped the partners clarify what their proposed service could be like and created user journeys and personas that sketch out who this service would be for and how it would work.
With: Meike Husiman
For: Fontenehuset Asker
Photographs: Meike Huisman
Service Design
Interviews, site visits, and a workshop to learn about the partners involved in this service proposal.

A workshop inviting youth to critique and develop Konstellasjon, a fictional service concept.

By working backwards from concrete touchpoints like an imaginary website and contact form, we defined broader principles that the real service should be based on.

A workshop introducing stakeholders to user journeys and personas. Together, we determined how the journeys and personas could be designed and written in ways that clearly demonstrate the group’s values and perspective on how to work with youth.