Constructions of Body Culture

Constructions of Body Culture examines the ways in which the human body is mediated by social interactions and captures the dynamic quality of bodily states of being through a variety of mediums. We have reformatted this conceptual exhibition in the style of Marcel Duchamp’s Boîtes-en-valise, as a distillation of the exhibition as medium.

Each item found in our box references a particular piece. Common themes of how bodies are mediated and constructed through one another and through objects thread each item to the next, and to the broader context of the exhibition. The message is thus separated from form, and distilled into an abstract form. The portability of the box breaks from the structure of traditional display and renders the meaning of the works accessible and tangible.

1. “Digital Care,” Tasha Bjelic. 2016. Video.
2. “Splitting Hairs,” Danièle Dennis. 2014. Performance.
3. Untitled, Tracy Rose. 1996. Video.
4. “Six Women,” Bharti Kher. 2013-2015. Sculpture.
5. “160 cm Line Tattooed on 4 People,” Santiago Sierra. 2000. Performance.
6. “The Inability to be Looked at and the Horror of Nothing to See,” Zackary Drucker. 2008-2009. Performance.

With: Lucy Wowk
Mixed Media